Cormanthor Refugee 5e (5th Edition)

You are one of many displaced people that were driven from Hillsfar or that fled the annihilation of Myth Drannor and who presently cover in concealed camps under the northern overhang of the Cormanthor Forest. If you up developed in the camps, you have never been to a settlement other than the town of Elventree. As a visitor of the mythical people, you have taken in their ways and the methods for the woods.

Cormanthor Refugee 5e

You are additionally a damaged, as lingering wild enchantment, energies discharged by the fall of Thultanar upon Myth Drannor, and the consistent dread of assaults chasing for non-people to battle in Hillsfar’s Arena have negatively affected you, as they have on everybody in the camps.

  • Ability Proficiencies. Nature, Survival
  • Language Proficiencies. Elven
  • Apparatus Proficiencies. One kind of craftsman’s devices
  • A two-man tent, craftsman’s instruments, a blessed image, a lot of explorer’s garments, a belt pocket, 5 GP
  • Way of life. Poor
  • Highlight: Shelter of the Elven Clergy

The ministers of Elventree have pledged to think about the Cormanthor exiles. They will help you when they can, including furnishing you and your friends with free mending and care at sanctuaries, altars, and other built up existences in Elventree. They will likewise give you (yet just you) with a poor way of life.

The Followers of the Scaly Way have endured a progression of inverts in the Eastern Heartlands as of late, from the loss of their base in Myth Drannor to the demise of Sammaster. In the wake of the last Rage of Dragons, the Followers of the Scaly Way have withdrawn to three significant fortifications in the Cormanthor district: the environs of Dretchroyaster’s Lair, Haptooth Hill, and the remnants of Aencar’s Manor.

Even though the Wearers of the Purple would like to enlist at least one new Sacred Ones (dracoliches) from the positions of those wyrms stirred by Sammaster’s Rage, the greater part of their endeavours is aimed at undermining the expanding impact of the Zhentarim.

Two tribes of Vhaeraun-adoring drow abide underneath the limbs of the incredible woodland of Cormanthor. The recovery of Myth Drannor has provoked the two gatherings to join against their basic adversary. The partnership is known as the Masked Brigades for the many covers wearing ministers of Vhaeraun in their positions, a training that has since spread to the majority of the professional killers and skirmishers who battle from the shadows.

The Masked Brigades are most grounded in the Darkwoods encompassing the Elven Court, even though they have been driven from the seat of elven rule, however, little groups of the knife using drow stalk Cormanthor from the edges of Mistledale to Halvan’s Wood.

Even though Myth Drannor has been cleansed of the Cult of the Dragon, House Dlardrageth, the pharma, and Zhentarim-gathered demons, the Elven Woods are as yet home to many contending groups who fight each other amid the trees.

Even though now the settlement is minimal more than a bracing place to stay amid the vestiges of a once-incredible city, the new occupants have plans to reestablish Myth Drannor’s previous brilliance. The recently hidden protectors, under the direction of Isle Miritar, have renamed their armies the Army of Myth Drannor.

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