Gate Urchin 5e (5th Edition) in D&D

You grew up on the streets alone, orphaned, and poor, You had no one to watch over you or to provide for you, so you learned to provide for yourself. You fought fiercely over food and kept a constant watch out for other desperate souls Gate Urchin 5e might steal from you.

You slept on rooftops and in alleyways, exposed to the elements, and endured sickness without the advantage of medicine or a place to recuperate. You’ve survived despite all odds and did so through cunning, strength, speed, or some combination of each.

You experienced childhood with the roads alone, stranded, and poor, You had nobody to look out for you or to accommodate you, so you figured out how to accommodate yourself. You battled savagely over nourishment and kept a consistent watch out for other frantic spirits who may take from you.

You dozed on housetops and in back streets, presented to the components, and suffered disorder without the upside of medication or a spot to recover. You’ve made due notwithstanding all chances and did as such through clever, quality, speed, or a mix of each.

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Gate Urchin 5e (5th Edition)

  • Skills: Deception, Sleight of Hand
  • Tool Proficiencies: Thieves’ tools, one type of musical instrument
  • Equipment: A battered alms box, a musical instrument, a cast-off military jacket, cap, or scarf, a set of common clothes, a belt pouch, and 10 GP

You made various companions among the Red Plumes and the Mage’s Guild when you inhabited the Gate Urchin 5e. They recall you affectionately and help you in little manners when they can. You can summon their help with and around Hillsfar to acquire nourishment, just as straightforward gear for impermanent use. You can likewise summon it to access the low-security regions of their battalions, lobbies, and places to stay. Note: This component is a variation of the Soldier highlight.

You know the mystery examples and stream to urban areas and can discover entries through the urban spread that others would miss. At the point when you are not in battle, you (and sidekicks you lead) can go between any two areas in the city twice as quickly as your speed would ordinarily permit.

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Proposed Characteristics

Urchins are formed by lives of urgent neediness, for good and for sick. They will, in general, be driven either by a pledge to the individuals with whom they shared life in the city or by a passionate longing to locate a superior life and possibly get some recompense on all the rich individuals who treated them severely.

  • I welcome straightforward things throughout everyday life. a tune, a warm dinner, a bright day. I don’t require any longer.
  • My issues are constantly brought about by others. I’m never to a fault.
  • I am apprehensive I could end up back on the roads quickly.
  • I coexist with everybody.
  • I consider individuals to be marks for a con and experience issues feeling genuine sympathy for them.
  • I have a genuine style for matchmaking. I can discover anybody a companion!
  • I think cash is a genuine proportion of gratefulness and love. Everything else is a discussion or a demonstration.

The urchins comprise a group of marine animals that look like 3-foot distance across bundles of different hues with a great many emanating 3-inch long spines. An urchin fires its spines at adversaries, causing harm.

An urchin is generally found in a saltwater living space, however, an urchin has moving movement ashore and is fit for moving at rapid by this implies. A dead urchin can be separated effectively, and its body contains a pearl that shifts in worth and shading as indicated by the kind of urchin.

Personality Traits

1I appreciate the simple things in life. a song, a warm meal, a sunny day. I don't need any more.
2My problems are always caused by others. I'm never to blame.
3I am afraid I could wind up back on the streets any day.
4I get along with everyone.
5I see people as marks for a con and have difficulty feeling true empathy for them.
6I have a real flair for matchmaking. I can find anyone a spouse!
7I think money is the true measure of appreciation and affection. Everything else is talk or an act.
8I don't like having a lot of stuff, just a few simple things I need. I don't like being tied down and tend to leave things behind when I don't need them anymore.


D6 Flaws
1Though I no longer live at the Gate, I am still always concerned about where I will get my next meal.
2Years of thieving have become habit. I sometimes steal from strangers without thinking about it.
3I am ashamed of my origins. I pretend I am higher-born and fear others will find out the truth.
4I think people who grew up in houses are soft, spoiled, and ungrateful. I frequently tell them so.
5I am still very uncomfortable wearing nice clothes, sleeping in a warm bed, and eating fine food.
6I do not trust anyone who has not had a hard life.


1Loyal: I never rat out any of my friends, even when the Red Plumes or the Rogues Guild ask. (Lawful)
2Adventurous: I don't like doing the same thing every day. I crave variety. (Chaotic)
3Strong: Only the strong survive. I respect those who are strong and powerful. (Any)
4Witty: Brains are better than brawn. I rely on my wits and respect others who do the same. (Any)
5Honest: Others can do what they want, but I won't lie or steal, even to feed my family. (Good)
6Ungrateful: Those who give only do it to make themselves feel better. I steal from them. (Evil)


D6 Bonds
1The Joydancers of Lliira gave me my instrument when I really needed food. I hate them for that.
2Busking has taught me to love music above all else.
3The Rogues Guild spared me when I did a job without cutting them in. I owe them a great debt.
4I know people hate the Red Plumes, but some of them were really good to me. I help Red Plumes whenever I can, and I respect them. They're just doing what they have to do to get by in this world.
5I will be wealthy some day. My descendants will live in comfort and style.
6I know how hard life on the streets is. I do everything I can for those who have less than me.

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