Trinkets 5E (5th Edition) in D&D

To shorten, here we are discussing Gothic Trinkets 5E, which is one such game involved or a part of the game as a specific character that one cannot actually deny while playing the game.

Games can be extremely entertaining and fun filling to all the game lovers and fan for sure. Of course, not every game would be that pretty, but most of the games are totally exciting to be played. If you are a keen player then you might know about 5E D&D also popularly known as Dungeons and dragons that are pretty much known to all the popular players on the internet.

However, if you see the background of this particular game, then it is too wide and cannot be explained in one single line for sure. So, the first thing that will click in your mind would be trinkets in the game. What exactly are trinkets?

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Trinkets 5E

Trinkets 5e backgrounds

Well, not every game would involve or help in character generation in a game. Of course, we might have played a lot of games, but have you ever come across any game that helps in new and creative character generation? It is quite rare, and one such game that pretty much guides with such advanced features are Dungeons and dragons. Trinkets 5E is one of the favorite parts of Dungeons and Dragons game as it helps in generating characters in the game according to the participant and the player.

Creating a character in such a game is very much easy with the trinkets feature as it generates according to the features and Behavioural traits that you are looking for. In general, a Dungeon and dragons character would have special items and characteristics that would define both the character’s strength and weakness. With this, you have to actually play as per the same.

  • A fossil of an extinct many-limbed critter.
  • A brass prosthetic nose.
  • A corkscrew.
  • A dried poison gland of a jagged fish.
  • A bronze gear on which is etched the word “Moon”.
  • A map of a labyrinth, on which is penciled a line that starts at the center but fails to connect to the entrance.
  • A cube of ice that never melts.
  • A square of iron silk sewn by the gear rubs of ancient Siclari.
  • An ivory knitting needle.
  • A peacock feather.
  • A travel set of paints: someone has used up all the black.
  • A wig of short platinum-blonde hair.
  • A child’s charm bracelet.
  • A small bar of orichalcum, a metal only mentioned in ancient literature.
  • A deed to a ruined tower.
  • An invitation to a formal ball to be held in two years’ time.
  • A smoking pipe carved from granite.
  • A vial of scented oil.
  • A preserved basilisk eye.
  • A miniature, tame mimic.
  • A carved marble elephant.
  • A small round cactus with two eyes.
  • A pocketbook of dwarven poetry.
  • A bronze box containing a tiny wooden owl.
  • A solid blue metal sphere, one inch in diameter, with three parallel grooves around the circumference.
  • A pouch containing ten dried peas.
  • A ceramic puzzle cube, with each face divided into four independently rotating squares enameled with astronomical signs.
  • A square of bear-beetle leather, a creature unique to the misty woods of Cix.
  • A sheet of vellum on which is crudely painted a herbal plant that you have yet to identify.
  • A petrified frog.
  • A twenty-sided die.
  • A cut yellow chrysanthemum that never dies.
  • A palm-sized iron cage: the door doesn’t shut properly, as the tiny lock was broken from the inside.
  • A blob of grey goo, slippy but safe to touch, kept in a ceramic pot.

Gothic Trinkets 5E in D&D

Here we have got all the trinkets for Dungeons and dragons 5th edition game. You can simply note down the item list and create a character according to it.

  • You can look for an ancient castle map to get through the game.
  • Driving gloves would be available.
  • Spectacles would be available which will help through look through the night creatures wandering around.
  • Silver bullets are another set of things that can be engraved on the characters that re being created.
  • A blood-red rose can be again used for creating a character in the game.

Likewise, there are many such characters and stuff that actually needs some good focus and attention for sure. However, you need to know that there are more to character creation features available in the Dungeons and Dragons game and you need to have a good idea about the gameplay on the whole.


Hence, here we have got and mentioned all the details about the game Dungeons and dragons and you can simply create characters and creatures in the game with the help of available features in the game. It is simply easy for sure.

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