Haunted one 5e D&D (5th Edition)

Haunted one 5e: There is this best part about games, they keep on entertaining you.  Haunted one 5e background is one of the craziest ones and it has various functions.

On the other hand, it has so many characteristics such as personality, Ideal, flaw, bond and trait. There are so many things which will excite you. The events occur in the haunting one 5e such as –

Event 1 – in this event a monster slaughters dozens of innocent people spare your life, and it happens without any reason.

Event 2 – in this event the birth takes place under a dark star. When this happens you can feel it is watching you from far away somewhere.

Event 3 – in this section, an apparition haunts your family for generations now it starts haunting you as well as. There will not be any explanation and it will start following you and not leave you once.

Here is a list of personality traits

When all those things happen with you without any reason! You start living with that fear. So here is the list of haunted background characteristics.

D8 – its personality trait

  • This character does not run from evil. In fact, evil runs from this character.
  • This character loves to read, write and memorize poetry. So these all things keep alive and bring a bunch of happiness.
  • On the other hand, this character spends money without giving any thoughts to the money. Because this character knows tomorrow it is going to die.
  • This character also loves to live the thrill of the hunt.
  • Plus it does not think about things which haunt it.
  • But this character has no trust in divine beings.
  • It never accepted victim and so it does not permit others to become a victim of their situations.
  • This character expects danger around every corner.

Demerits of this character

  • There are few rules or rituals which it religiously follows each day without breaking it.
  • This character has an addiction
  • Plus it observes the worst in people.
  • This character talks to spirits which no one else can do that.
  • The other flaw of this character is that it does not feel compassion for the dead ones.
  • This character is a purveyor of doom and gloom who lives in a world without any hopes.

D6 – personality

  • This character always helps people those how are indeed in need.
  • It has ability to kill the monster and vacuuming the world for the better and safest place.
  • It has a dark calling which puts it above the law.
  • In short, it itself is a monster which kills another monster.

Bond – trait of this character

  • This character can do sacrifice for protecting an innocent life
  • This character loves to play with words that are why it always puts all its thought in the journal.

Final words

These are some exciting character with their own individuality. These characters are living with their own sort of pain and suffering but that never mattered to them.




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