Inheritor 5e Background in D&D

Inheritor 5E: Have you ever heard of a game that has got characters that inherits the traits and characteristics of ancestors and other characters already present in the game? You surely have to know that there are such unique games present all over the internet that simply lets you know about such advances and features in the game.

Of course, you need to know, these are not the only feature in the game that will help you win and survive there are more such features including own character creation in the game. If you are a keen gamer then here we have got one such game that will surely interest you.

The popular game that we are discussing here is none other than Dungeons and dragons 5th edition. Many of us have already played this game and probably it won’t be anything new to you if you have already come across this game, but for all those who have not played this game yet, you need to know about this game and all the features that this game offers to its players.


Inheritor 5e (5th edition)

Dungeons and Dragons is a game that is very much popular and trending among all adults and teens. Of course, it is just a game and won’t help you anywhere with your life, if spoken logically and practically. But somewhere, it does entertain you and give you some fun in your life after your hectic routine and work schedules. Here, we are going to discuss one such feature that the game has got is inheritor in the 5th and the latest edition of Dungeons and dragons.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Survival, plus one from among Arcana, History, and Religion
  • Tool Proficiencies: Your choice of a gaming set or a musical instrument
  • Languages: Any one of your choice

Equipment: Your’s inheritance, a set of traveller’s clothes, the tool you choose for this 5e background’s tool proficiency, and a pouch containing 15 GP

Personality Traits

d6Options For Personality Trait
1You are a hard worker from you simple life, and appreciate a job well done.
2You believe you are the chosen one and that your newfound powers mean you have a great destiny.
3You are new to the adventuring scene. It can't be that bad, right?
4You are very haughty, believing that your new abilities mean that you are above others.
5You are resistant to your destiny and wish things would go back to the way they were before.
6You know your powers have a purpose, but really you feel quite homesick.


d6Options For Flaws
1You feel untouchable, overestimating your abilities and getting yourself into trouble.
2With all of this new knowledge in your head you have a hard time remembering what's real and what isn't.
3You have a hard time with your powers and sometimes shoot out cantrips without meaning to.
4You are horribly embarrassed by your powers and don't like to use them unless absolutely necessary.
5With your powers and your knowledge comes horrible nightmares that you can't understand.
6You feel like a danger to society and don't want anyone to get too close.


d6Options For ideals
1Your powers were given to you so you can make changes in this broken world. (Chaotic)
2You use your powers to do good in this world and help those that need it. (Good)
3What's the point in powers if you aren't powerful? You plan to make your enemies kneel before you. (Evil)
4This world is in anarchy and you must use your abilities to restore order. (Lawful)
5You have a great destiny ahead of you, better go out there and find it. (Any)
6Your powers are foreign to you and you are determined to learn how to harness them properly. (Neutral)


D6Options For Bonds
1You feel indebted to the being that gave you your powers and want to sing their praise.
2You use your powers to protect those closest to you.
3You want to make your family proud by becoming rich and powerful.
4You are searching for someone who disappeared when you were young.
5You seek revenge on the entity that gave you your powers and ruined your life.
6You only want to help those living rough lives, as you've been there before.

Well, when you pronounce inheritor, the name itself gives you an idea about this characteristic or the character that speaks about inheriting the traits of anyone who are around you, it can be both genetic and environmental. Just like, the inheritor in Dungeons and Dragons is a character that helps you to set up an adventure and roots a lot of paths with both happiness and difficulties.


d8Object or Item
1A document such as a map, a letter, or a journal
2A trinket
3An article of clothing
4A piece of jewelry
5An arcane book or formulary
6A written story, song, poem, or secret
7A tattoo or other body marking

Being an inheritor 5e

Playing this character might sound interesting, but you need to know that there you will come across loads of dangers and risks when you play this particular character in the game. It is easy and simple, but also dangerous and can put you at risk too. You have to be sure about your strength and weakness both in the game and knowing yourself in the game will surely help you survive and possibly never lose lives in the game.

The character has got some skill proficiencies, tools, weapons, the languages can speak, other general equipment. The key player should be well-versed with all the traits and the skills, weapons, etc to be prepared for the dangers that will come in the path of your journey.


Hence, here you have simply known about all the important things about this game and one of the interesting characters of D&D. There are a lot more to Dungeons and dragons 5th edition.

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