Mulmaster Aristocrat 5e (5th Edition) Background in Dnd Backgrounds

Mulmaster 5e is the City of Danger that offers characters a lot of chance for gold and magnificence on the shores of the Moonsea. For the individuals who experienced childhood in the city or have shown up as of late from Phlan, extraordinary bonds and foundations are accessible for character creation. Initially settled as an exchanging post, Mulmaster and its persecuted individuals are currently governed by a board of sixteen individuals known as Blades who speak to and further the interests of the city’s honorable rulers under the direction of High Blade Jaseen Drakehorn.

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Mulmaster Aristocrat 5e

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Performance
Tool Proficiencies: One type of artistic artisan’s tools and one musical instrument
Equipment: One set of artisan’s tools or musical instruments, a set of fine clothes, and a purse containing 10 GP.
Lifestyle: Wealthy

The High Blade depends vigorously upon associations, for example, Cloaks, Hawks, and the Soldiery to keep up her authority over the city; rebuffing Mulmasterites striking (or silly) enough to oppose her proclamations with the outcast, torment, and passing.

At the most reduced level, the City Watch is accused of keeping up requests inside the city, however, is viewed as meager more than a band of government-authorized domineering jerks. Above them all, the congregation of Bane holds influence in Mulmaster, and the High Blade and those faithful to her show their faithfulness to the recently returned divine force of Tyranny–all to the detriment of its kin.

Yet, attempt as she may, the High Blade’s grasp on the city is undermined. The puzzling Red Wizards of Thay keep up a government office inside the city, outcasts from the as of late sacked town of Phlan toward the north pressure the city’s nourishment stores, also other, more subtle dangers.


d8Personality Trait
1My ambitions are boundless. I will be a Zor or Zora one day!
2I must always look my best.
3Beauty is everywhere. I can find it in even the homeliest person and the most horrible tragedy.
4Decorum must be preserved at all costs.
5I will not admit I am wrong if I can avoid it.
6I am extremely well-educated and frequently remind others of that fact.
7I take what I can today, because I do not know what tomorrow holds.
8My life is full of dance, song, drink, and love.


1Generous : I have a responsibility to help and protect the less fortunate. (Good)
2Loyal : My word, once given, is my bond. (Lawful)
3Callous : I am unconcerned with any negative effects my actions may have on the lives and fortunes of others. (Evil)
4Impulsive : I follow my heart. (Chaotic)
5Ignorant : Explanations bore me. (Neutral)
6Isolationist : I am concerned with the fortunes of my friends and family. Others must see to themselves. (Any)


1I have dedicated my wealth and my talents to the service of one of the city's many temples.
2My family and I are loyal supporters of High Blade Jaseen Drakehorn. Our fortunes are inexorably tied to hers. I would do anything to support her.
3Like many families who were close to High Blade Selfaril Uoumdolphin, mine has suffered greatly since his fall. We honor his memory in secret.
4My family plotted with Rassendyll Uoumdolphin brother usurped brother as High Blade. Betrayal is the quickest route to power.
5Wealth and power are nothing. Fulfillment can only be found in artistic expression.
6It's not how you feel, who you know, or what you can do - it's how you look, and I look fabulous.


1I have difficulty caring about anyone or anything other than myself.
2Having grown up with wealth, I am careless with my finances. I overspend and am overly generous.
3The ends (my advancement) justify any means.
4I must have what I want and will brook no delay.
5My family has lost everything. I must keep up appearances, lest we become a laughingstock.
6I have no artistic sense. I hide that fact behind extreme opinions and have become a trendsetter.

Your family’s riches and influence are a shade of what it was before their flight; yet this hasn’t halted them, or you, from remaining over the basic laborer. Hide cut robes, aesthetic interests, scholarly examinations, and maybe a libertine bad habit or two connote your riches and status to other people. Regardless of whether you are a ruined dandy or a persevering head honcho, you are happy with exploring the tattling and conspiring of high society.

Along these lines, from your ridge home, You’ve looked down (actually and maybe metaphorically) upon the unwashed masses of the Multimaster for as long as you can remember. Essentially, your hide-cut robes and preparing in the visual and afterward performing expressions mark you like rich and maybe well-conceived; Officially, you’re the individual from the city threat’s gentry.

For the most part, none of your own and close relatives will sit on either Council of Blades or is even a yet. Along these lines, you’re one of the Multimaster Aristocrat first class, and whether you’ve by and by wanting the higher standing or not, obviously you’re at home in the ballrooms any place the gentry will assemble to the plot, to conspire, to work together, to talk about human expressions, and, most importantly, to see, and to be seen.

Essentially, in d&d the Multimaster noble isn’t just run by yet additionally it’s run for its gentry. Every single different class of residents in the city concedes to you, and even the ministry, Soldiery, Hawks, and Cloaks will treat you with regard. Additionally different privileged people and the nobles will acknowledge you in their circles and likely know you or else for you.


Q1: What are the Mulmaster Aristocrat 5e official Backgrounds?

  • A: Mulmaster Aristocrat, or Mul-5e, is a role-playing game published by Knick Knack Productions. The game was designated as an official Pathfinder Society Scenario. This list of backgrounds is a live document updated with more background options as they are released through official channels or the Open Game Licence project’s open doors initiative. It also includes all official racial feats, subraces, and class options for 5e D&D and new background features.

Q2: How are D&D Mulmaster Aristocrat Background 5e?

  • A: Mulmaster is a city within Faerûn, published in March 2018 by Wizards of the Coast through Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. In this city, over ten factions strive for power and control. One of these factions is the Mulmaster Aristocracy. The aristocrats in Mulmaster are generally wealthy and often have strong connections to the government. The Mulmaster Aristocracy is a faction that has gained power by their strength or through other means. Unlike the different sections in Mulmaster, the aristocrats do not use magic; most are clerics or druids with access to the domain spells.

Q3: What is D&D Mulmaster Aristocrat Background 5e?

  • A: An adventurer looking for a quick, fun new class to try out in Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. The basics of playing as a Mulmaster Aristocrat Background 5e player so that you can get started right away. There are two ways that players can be aristocrats. First, a player can play as a member of the upper class. This means that the character is wealthy and can afford whatever they want. The second way to be an aristocrat is that the character could have been born in nobility.

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