Orzhov 5e (5th Edition) Background in D&D Backgrounds

Things to know about Orzhov:  Syndicate is known to be the guild from the plane and city of Ravnica. This is one of the topmost guilds of Ravnica, and the belief was founded that the power lies in wealth and wealth is the result of the structure, and that structure is created by guilt. Orzhov 5e background is one of the famous dungeons and dragons.

The combination of credit lending agency, Crime Syndicate, and religion is used for running the guild. In this ostentatious hierarchy, the rule over the guilt bound servants, thrulls, and the inducted ghost has been done by the priest and enforces ghostly counsellors.

Orzhov 5e

  • Skills: Intimidation, Religion
  • Languages: Two of your choice
  • Equipment: An Orzhov insignia, a foot-long chain made of ten gold coins, vestments, a set of fine clothes, and a belt pouch containing 1 pp (an Orzhov-minted 10-zino coin)

To make Ravnica the best one, some of the orzhov members believe that it is a must to get ruled by them, and there show that whatever has been done by being in power is done for the making of Ravnica the best. The Orzhov has been seen as the corrupt organization by most of the Ravnicans, but apart from them, some of them are nurtured with promises of prestige, longevity, and wealth.

Orzhov Guild Spells

Spell LevelSpells
CantripFriends ,  Guidance
1stCommand ,  Illusory Script
2ndEnthrall ,  Ray of Enfeeblement ,  Zone of Truth
3rdBestow Curse ,  Speak With Dead ,  Spirit Guardians
4thBlight ,  Death Ward ,  Leomund's Secret Chest

Personality traits

1I am always willing to act in accordance with the financial incentive offered.
2Debts are never meant to be forgiven.
3I am accustomed to enjoying the finest pleasures money can buy.
4No one could doubt that I am a cut above the masses of pitiful peasants that infest the city.
5I can't stand to spend a zib more than necessary to purchase what I need.
6I hate it when people try to make light of a serious situation.
7I want to make sure everyone is aware of how wealthy, powerful, and important I am.
8I can't think of anything to look forward to.


1Guild: My guild is all that really matters. (Any)
2Wealth: I will do whatever it takes to become as rich as the oligarchs. (Evil)
3Power: One day, I will be the one giving orders. (Evil)
4Prestige: I want to be admired, respected, feared, or even hated for my position and wealth. (Evil)
5Stability: The economy functions best when chaos is kept under control and everyone knows their place. (Lawful)
6Eternity: I want to live forever — in the flesh as long as possible, and as a spirit afterward. (Any)


1The unbearable weight of my debt has driven me to desperation.
2I'm duty-bound to obey the dictates of an ancestor on the Ghost Council.
3I value my worldly goods more highly than my mortal life.
4An oligarch publicly humiliated me, and I will exact revenge on that whole family.
5My faith in the Obzedat never wavers.
6I want to prove myself more worthy than an older sibling and thereby ensure that I inherit a greater share of my parents' wealth.


1I hold a scandalous secret that could ruin my family forever — but could also earn me the favor of the Ghost Council.
2I'm convinced that everyone I know is plotting against me.
3I'll brave any risk if the monetary reward is great enough.
4I am convinced that I am far more important than anyone else is willing to acknowledge.
5I have little respect for anyone who isn't wealthy.
6I'll take any opportunity to steal from wealthier people, even for worthless trinkets.

Guild Leadership

Guild Leader: The Obzedat, the ghost council

The Obzedat is the one who rules the Orzhov guild. This is a Council of ghostly autocrats who are known to maintain their wealth and power even being in their mortal forms. The members who are associated with it are known to be that less because they have a master in treating mortality, and also they maintain their consciousness beyond the threshold of death.

Do usually Crave loyalty, respect, and wealth and rarely speak rumourmongers. The ones who are outside the guilds cannot be part of the conversation with Obzedat. The conversation will be initiated through the official Grand Envoy.

Guild Champions: Teysa, Grand Envoy of the Obzedat

This has taken an unprecedented position and is the special one as well. He is an officially speaker and ambassador for the members of the Council. She is full of wisdom and perspective and is now in his middle age as well.

Although she is not the official ruler of the guilt many people have a belief that she will cross the entire Syndicate. Her personality is in a way that she expresses the will of deathless and also moulds the policies for the guild.

Guild lands

  • Orzhova, the Cathedral opulent

Orzhova is known to be the guildhall of the Syndicate. This is also known to be the place called the church of deals. This is a place which is Lavish Cathedral and has soaring ceilings as well. It is designed in a manner that anyone who wants to enter feels significant and cannot compare anything as well. The Stainless glass Windows overblown and oversize marble statues Deepak about the Wells are available with The Bishop’s Guild affiliated Ghost and enforcer angels.

  • Vizkopa bank:

This is known to be the centre of Commerce. This is an institution that is encrusted with Guardian oils and floating spirits of Orzhovan debtors. This is not only the place where guilds are supposed to put their majority of the wealth, but it is a place where the money is found to be the most in Ravnica. for more details, you must visit the online portals as well.


Q1: What is Orzhov?

  • A: Orzhov is an affiliation of vampires in the fictional plane Ravnica, and they were the subject of a series of cards in the Khans of Tarkir trading card game. The Orzhov are practitioners of magical law and justice, but they can be merciless when it comes to punishment. The High Priest, Pontius Pilate, executes any who breaks his rules without evidence or trial as punishment for his broken oath as a judge. He also has spies, assassins, and informants to keep peace within the city-state under his control.

Q2: How does the Orzhov work?

  • A: The Orzhov is a guild of vampires living in Ravnica. The Orzhov has existed for centuries, and their trade is contracts – the exchange of favours between them. They are a relatively peaceful group, pursuing business while remaining mainly above the law and blending into society. The Orzhov Guildgate, the giant gate in Ravnica, controls Orzhov’s territory. The bridges that connect Undercity to the rest of Ravnica are also under the control of Nicol Bolas. He rules with an iron fist, making it impossible for outsiders or locals to travel without his permission.

Q3: What is Orzhov Representative 5e?

  • A: It’s a card that fills this gap and allows you to do on your way to becoming a master of all trades—creature, planeswalker, and spell. I’ll show you how it could be used as part of a competitive deck build for Limited play. As a 2/3 creature for two mana, this card is not good stats. However, it’s a better deal than it looks because of many factors: (1) Protection from Black and (2) gaining three life whenever you cast a Sorceror or Planeswalker spell.

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