Sage background 5e

In the d&d 5e sage background, there are several features that every d&d role-playing player can use for creating several types of 5e background. Here in this article, we are going to provide you with all the details regarding the sage background 5e. In this sage background 5e, you have given your several years and just for learning the art of spreading thoughts from one person to another.

Additionally, you have learnt several subjects in various fields. All because of your efforts you have achieved a great place in life. You can easily use any two languages according to your choice.

Skill proficiency includes Arcana and History. The equipment that you can use is a Quill, along with the belt pouch and small knifepoint along with these a small black ink bottle and a letter from a colleague who is dead are also there. The equipment that you also get and use is a set of common clothes.



There are several options from which you can choose for getting scholarly training. The specialities include Alchemist, astronomic, librarian, professor, researcher, Scribe, discredited academic and a wizard’s apprentice.


You are having the ability to get information regarding anything. You also know who can become the source of your information. Whenever you start learning about some things you don’t even have any idea regarding it but is still you complete it with perfection. You can learn anything from anywhere either from a person or from a library or from a scriptorium or a university or anywhere.

What are their characteristics?

There are several characteristics from which you can choose according to your trait, or personality. You know how to lay impression on others. you have read almost every book from all the libraries in the world.

You love listening and solving mysteries. There is nothing you love more than the mysteries. You love helping out others. Whenever you got stuck in social situations you got awkward. You think that everyone out there is available just to tell your secrets. Whenever you talk to others you think that you are much smarter than them. 5e backgrounds D&D

Whenever someone promises you to provide any third of information you easily get distracted. You do not get scared from the demon usually love to take notes on their anatomy. You think that if you unlock an ancient mystery then it will be a great piece for civilization. You always try to solve complicated mysteries. You can’t keep any type of Secrets.

Knowledge is something that you want to get to every situation. You are quite practical in nature. You think that emotions must not give so much priority. You believe that if you want to get power and domination then you must have knowledge. For you, Knowledge Is Power. You always try to better yourself so that you can get the goal of your life.

You always think that protecting your students is your own duty. Whenever it comes about a library, university, scriptorium, or monastery, you can do anything to preserve it.

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