Stojanow Prisoner 5e Background

The Stojanow Gate Prisoner is the central command of the Black Fist and houses a couple of detainees that last in excess of two or three days before being discharged or hanged. there are different games available and on the web that is accessible for nearly everybody. Truly, sometime in the past, we used to play computer games and now the world has all changed and we are currently playing the games inside the cell phone and it is one of the most cutting edge innovations that we as a whole are utilizing at the present time, in the present world.

You turned into a bum and to remain alive you bargained data to any invested individual with nourishment or gold to save. You were acceptable at what you did and thought you were powerful. That changed when you were caught by the Tears of Virulence, the warriors of Vorgansharax, the Maimed Virulence, for offering privileged insights to those keen on toppling the mythical beast. They secured you in the cells of Stojanow Gate. The main weeks you would have liked to remain alive. As the weeks transformed into months and the cross-examinations proceeded, you started to appeal to God for death.

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Stojanow Prisoner 5e

You know nothing however the existence of constrained. For whatever length of time that you can recall you have needed to battle, rummage, or threaten others for nourishment, fundamental needs, and endurance. Growing up you have seen the most terrible that the world brings to the table and you have lived with killers, attackers, and criminal driving forces.

  • Skills: Deception, Perception
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set, thieves’ tools
  • Equipment: A small knife, a set of common clothes, a trinket from the life you stayed behind to defend, a belt pouch with 10 GP

You know nothing yet an existence of constrainment. For whatever length of time that you can recollect you have needed to battle, search, or scare others for nourishment, essential needs, and endurance. Growing up you have seen the most terrible that the world brings to the table and you have lived with killers, attackers, and criminal masterminds. You have associations with practically all unlawful associations and organizations in the city that your jail was in and encompassing open country. You can conjure favors and associations with perhaps increase safe hotels, send messages, or different favors from certain associations, however, they may need something consequently.

Personality Traits

I am a bully; others will suffer as I have.
I always say yes even when I mean no; it's just easier.
I aim to misbehave.
I go out of my way to frustrate or anger those in power.
I strive to obey the law. I will never again make the mistake of going against authority.
I always plan everything out. The one time I let others plan things it did not end well for me.
I take blame to protect others from pain.
I hoard information. You never know what may come in handy.


Loss: I freely give those who offend me what was so brutally denied me: death. (Chaotic)
Dedication: I never betray those who trust me. (Lawful)
Vengeance: I use any means to get information I need. I have been well taught. (Evil)
Redemption: Everyone deserves a second chance. (Good)
Resilience: I can survive any challenge. (Any)
Leadership: The best teams are made up of those that society has discarded.


I take up arms to help establish a free Phlan.
The horrors of my time in Stojanow haunt my dreams. Only after a day of hard work can I find sleep.
I am indebted to those who freed me from prison. I will repay this debt.
My torturer survived the attack that set me free. I will find them.
I will not rest while others suffer fates similar to mine.
I am searching for a way to heal the scars of Stojanow, both physical and emotional.


During stressful times, I find myself crying for no reason.
My nerve endings are shot from the interrogations; I am numb to all but the harshest touch.
I am incapable of standing up for myself.
I folded under the torture, and gave information that I promised would be kept secret. My life would be in jeopardy if others found out.
Survival is worth more than friendship.
The ghosts from my past hinder my actions.

The information picked up during your detainment lets you gain knowledge into neighborhood gatekeepers and jailors. You realize which will take kickbacks, or look the other path for you. You can likewise look for cover for yourself from specialists with different lawbreakers in the region.

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