Vizier 5e Background (5th Edition)

You are a vizier, a hireling of your god. You perform errands that are fundamental to encouraging the stars’ excursion, so the divine beings reward you with the passage into the hereafter with the God-Pharaoh’s favoring. You want to accomplish the most regarded status in existence in the wake of death by being the most ideal worker to your god.

Past the lavish stream valley lies interminable, singing desert. Damned, parched mummies meander the desert, while deliberately preserved mummies take care of the requirements of living in the brilliant city. The individuals have all that they need – they are shielded from the desert warmth and meandering mummies by a mystical hindrance, and they spend their lives in centered preparing, sharpening their bodies and brains to flawlessness. However, they energetically foresee when they will be allowed to pass on in battle and abandon this world.

Some emissaries keep in touch with their country, while others set out with long-haul objectives. In any case, you convey your people groups’ messages to the world everywhere and arrange understandings in their name. With devoted ingenuity and judgment, you may end up giving one of kind open doors that were not stood to those less reliable.


Vizier 5e

  • Skills: History, Religion
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of artisan’s tools, one type of musical instrument
  • Equipment: A set of artisan’s tools or a musical instrument (one of your choice), a scroll of your god’s teachings, a vizier’s cartouche, a set of fine clothes, and a pouch containing 25 GP

You know about the inward operations and conventions of your subsidiary establishment. At whatever point that establishment or association is available in a network, you can approach them for little supports in compliance with common decency. Such supports may incorporate giving you nourishment and cabin, just as guiding you to other legitimate (or if nothing else non-antagonistic) contacts and assets. If your offshoots can give extra administrations on the off chance that they are in a situation to do as such, however, may demand supports or reasonable installment consequently.

On the off chance that you might want to utilize any of your top picks, at that point you just indiscriminately follow this official site cause it will give a wide range of foundation so we should begin with how a story has starting area.

In cells and mythical beasts pretending game we can make numerous accounts and every single story has a start. For your character, you can choose any kind of dnd foundation.

Every single authority d&d 5e foundation will give a bundle of beginning gear. On the off chance that you don’t wanna get the beginning hardware from your experience, at that point you have to utilize the discretionary principle from section 5 for spending coins on gear.

Personality Traits

Everything I do, I do gracefully and deliberately, and with complete confidence. (Oketra)
Nothing can shake my rock-hard focus. (Oketra)
When I am at peace, I am an oasis of perfect calm in the world. When I am roused to anger, I am an embodiment of terror. (Kefnet)
I enjoy teasing acolytes and initiates with juicy tidbits of knowledge wrapped up in fiendishly difficult puzzles. (Kefnet)
I have the utmost faith in myself and my abilities. (Rhonas)
I get restless when life in the city feels too tame, too safe. (Rhonas)
I enjoy solitude as an opportunity to plan my victory. (Bontu)
I use satire as a way to undermine the teachings of the other gods. (Bontu)
I love, fight, and feast with equal zeal. (Hazoret)
I think of those in my care as my family, in a way that most people have trouble understanding. (Hazoret)


Solidarity: The worthy must respect the worthy. In the afterlife, all will be united in goal and action. (Oketra)
Knowledge: The worthy shall cultivate a nimble mind, so as to perceive the wonders beyond imagination that wait in the afterlife. (Kefnet)
Strength: The worthy shall hone a strong body that can withstand the boundless energies of the afterlife. (Rhonas)
Ambition: The worthy shall strive for greatness, for supremacy in life leads to supremacy in the afterlife. (Bontu)
Zeal: The worthy shall rush to the God-Pharaoh's side with relentless passion, rising to overcome every obstacle in their way. (Hazoret)
Naktamun: The life of the city is ordered according to the plan of the God-Pharaoh, and that order must be preserved at all costs.


My loyalty to my companions embodies the ideal of loyalty to my god. (Oketra)
The teachings of my god are more precious to me than any possession. (Kefnet)
I would do anything to defend the temple of my god from any harm or desecration. (Rhonas)
I am committed to the service of my god — because it's my sure ticket into the afterlife. (Bontu)
I love my god and never want my service to end. (Hazoret)
I have a close friend or lover who is also a vizier.


I am in love with an initiate, and I want to shield this person from death in the trials.
I secretly wish I had not been chosen as a vizier, so I could participate in the trials as an initiate.
I secretly question whether the gods care at all about us or what we do.
A vizier of another god seeks my death in retribution for a past insult.
I am terrified of what lies beyond the Gate to the Afterlife.
I secretly believe the God-Pharaoh's return will not bring blessing to this world.

You are a vizier, a hireling of your god. You perform undertakings that are fundamental to encouraging the stars’ excursion, so the divine beings reward you with the passage into the great beyond with the God-Pharaoh’s favoring. You would like to accomplish the most respected status in life following death by being the most ideal worker to your god.

As a vizier, you can have any class, however, you are particularly liable to be a priest or paladin. You may likewise be a druid, especially on the off chance that you serve Rhonas, or a wizard, especially on the off chance that you serve Kefnet.In two aptitudes, every single foundation in dnd 5e will give you a character capability. A large portion of the foundations gives you a character capability in expansion with at least one apparatuses.

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